Saturday, February 15, 2014

Silvery Icicles, Silver Shelves

Bye Bye Icicles
There is great celebrating going on in our region. EVERY conversation starts like this: "Boy, am I sick of this weather ..." Well, today, the icicles are melting! Warmer temperatures are in the forecast.

I am delighted but I will report that icy, cold days kept me indoors lately and my sewing room is in much better shape as a result. I ordered tall metal shelves - they were delivered to my house - and they are already filled with boxes of my precious stuff, which you will notice does include a plethora of scraps!

It doesn't look like that much BUT they let me sort and organize. Right now, scraps are going into piles of lights, mediums, darks, red, blue, brights ....

It is like visiting old friends. I open a box and find something I'd forgotten all about. Things are getting organized, projects are getting planned. One big quilt that you will soon see was delivered to a machine quilter this week, another is on the design wall.

We have a quilt show scheduled in early April - that is my deadline to have both quilts done. Wish me luck!

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  1. Isn't organizing the best; I love finding items I had forgotten about or thought I had given away.