Friday, February 7, 2014

Snowboarders wear quilted jackets

Be on the lookout for this jacket in the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics today.

The New York Times reports:
"... snowboarders will wear high-tech corduroy pants and jackets inspired by a quilt found at an antique show."

A Burton jacket for the United States snowboarding team was modeled after a quilt - a quilt made with shirts, seems to me. It does have a dashing American flag-like block on one sleeve.

Burton is a company that produces snowboards and everything that goes with snowboarding.


  1. I love the idea of using a quilt design and the flag, but I think they should have had a quilter, help them design it;) I saw them last night since they were doing the snowboard runs.


  2. Don't know if I would wear one, but love it.

  3. I saw the snowboarder wore one of this on the metal round. Thanks for a head up. Love it - hugs Nat

  4. I like the general idea, but they could have done a bit better on layout. I wonder why snowboarders wear such baggy clothes that create drag when they are trying to do so many amazing flips and spins? There was 1 snowboarder with dreads from another country who had his pants fall down to his knees. I also like the American flag sweater coats with the shawl collar.

  5. Very creative Deb Rowden! designing this wonderful snowboarder wear quilted jacket with your creativity. Great job:)

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