Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moving the quilt books

You are all probably smart enough or motivated enough to straighten up and organize your quilt books once in a while.
Not me! Oh no, i have to wait 18 years until I move to do that.
Which is what I did this week. And here you see the fruits of my labor.
I'm impressed! Why didn't I do this long ago? I found some wonderful books on my book shelf. And now they are organized. I have a lot of Kansas City Star books, so they are all together (and sorted by year published).
I have a lot of C&T books and they are all together - and alphabetized!
I have a plan to collect all the state project books, so they are together, as are my museum books. And all the rest are on the entire bottom shelve, alphabetized.  With room left over......
There is a substantial pile ready for the garage sale - some duplicates (!), some I know I won't use anymore.
I feel better. And you wonder how many there are, right? I counted 370...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A comfy quilt

As you look at this quilt, can't you make the argument that simple, rather unplanned or quilts of necessity are the best?

If all the blocks on this quilt were planned and the same, it would be a lot more boring. The design is simple and familiar - 9 patches (the squares are 1 1/2" -  1 3/4"), with varying sashing. It's the scrapbag of 1930s fabrics used that make it interesting - for the initial user and for us now.

This quilt measures 65" x 79". A blanket serves as batting. It is well loved and well used.

I remember I took it home with me  because I liked the colors. It will be for sale at the September garage sale.....