Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kate's T-shirt Quilt

I made t-shirt quilts for both my girls recently. Here is Kate with hers. Over the years, I saved their sports t-shirts, along with a few others. I let both girls pick the t-shirts they wanted on their quilts.

I trimmed t-shirts they chose close to the logos and backed them with knit interfacing. I'd been preparing to make these quilts by stitching together scraps and trimming them into strips. Having that done ahead of time helped these quilts go together quickly.

Both quilts are large lap size, ready for a quick nap. I had visions of continuing the scrappy strips in the border but decided:
a. that might be too much and
b. I was ready to be finished with these!

Here's the back ... leftover yardage pieced together with a sunflower in the middle. I stitched our names and the year on with embroidery thread. Lori Kukuk did the allover quilting. Hopefully I'll get a photo of Betsy's quilt soon.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mom's Hearts

My mom made some heart blocks. Mom has moved to assisted living and when I cleaned out her sewing room, I found them. I thought they weren't my style so I put them in our guild fabric exchange.

My friend came to the rescue: Barbara rescued them. Georgann decided they would make a nice little quilt and Roseann insisted on adding just the right sashing, even cornerstones! Georgann quilted it and made a label too so we won't forget the significance of this little quilt.

Today I will take this little quilt to Mom and hang it in her room. I think she'll remember the blocks. She has dementia now, but we get little gifts of her remembering things from time to time. At Easter dinner, she looked me in the eye and said, "It will be all right."

And look at her here, greeting granddaughter Kate at her recent wedding.

Now that is a gift! As are friends who help create a memory like this.