Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kate's T-shirt Quilt

I made t-shirt quilts for both my girls recently. Here is Kate with hers. Over the years, I saved their sports t-shirts, along with a few others. I let both girls pick the t-shirts they wanted on their quilts.

I trimmed t-shirts they chose close to the logos and backed them with knit interfacing. I'd been preparing to make these quilts by stitching together scraps and trimming them into strips. Having that done ahead of time helped these quilts go together quickly.

Both quilts are large lap size, ready for a quick nap. I had visions of continuing the scrappy strips in the border but decided:
a. that might be too much and
b. I was ready to be finished with these!

Here's the back ... leftover yardage pieced together with a sunflower in the middle. I stitched our names and the year on with embroidery thread. Lori Kukuk did the allover quilting. Hopefully I'll get a photo of Betsy's quilt soon.


  1. Is that a Chesty Lion I see?
    They are fun to make. I made my MIL one with her KU basketball conferenence win shirts going back to 1986. She started her collection anew this year.

  2. That IS Chesty. And I agree, they are very fun to make! My girls both got two.

  3. It's not easy to make a t-shirt quilt look great. You have done just that! I think the scrappy sashing and wild border make it personal and fun. She looks thrilled with it! I have yet to make a quilt from my son's punk rock and heavy metal band t-shirts. All black--hmmm.

  4. Very Cool!
    And it is going to be so extra comfy . . .
    what more comfy than a tee shirt :)

  5. You did a great job on this - I think scrappy border would have been a bit much. The purple frames the t-shirts and scrappy bits nicely.