Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Market was not Spooky

A pre-Halloween and especially a pre-Presidential election quilt market can be spooky. I didn't sense those jitters from years before this year.It was upbeat, bright and far from gloomy. Then again, it's fabric world, full of things we all love. And I left before all the storm jitters started...

What did I like?

A wall o' fabric by Marcia Derse. AH! Several of us confessed to collecting fabric by Marcia but being unable to cut it up, we love it so much...

The fabric designer who wore a skirt. Thomas Knauer for Andover. That was different. He loves fabric!

Modern quilts on display. This one is called Cutting Edge Conglomerate. It was made by Earamichia Brown and the NYC Metro Mod Quilters, quilted by Jackie Kunkel.

And the best Treat YO Self books I saw:

Inspired Art Quilting by Jean Wells. Her work continues to be pure inspiration for me.

15 Minutes Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Wow! Victoria has taken our beloved scrappy style and made some very clever and exciting quilts. I was really impressed with them and can't wait to get a copy of the book!

There's more - I will continue with another blog - soon...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Be sure to VOTE!

My friend Barbara Brackman some created political fabric. She took a photo of one of the candidates and dropped it into some historic fabric, courtesy of her Photoshop skills.

She gave me a sample and I of course started adding little scraps of fabric all around the main character. I added a calming inner border, then finished with a border of more scraps. I've long admired the Pearlies and thought a message with shell buttons would add just the right message in a rather subtle way.

We are lucky - we CAN vote freely in the coming election. So no matter what, be sure to

My little quilt measures 24" x 27". Check out the link to Barbara's blog above - her fabric is available for all...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Message from my Grandma

I am still letting go of stuff. Last night I sorted through boxes of old photos.
I found some great photos I had forgotten about. Some were framed. I was taking them out of frames, scanning them, and putting them in a folder for safekeeping.

The frames are piled nearby, ready for the antique mall booth. The cardboard and paper that went with them were in the recycle pile. I carried it out to the bin this morning. One piece of cardboard turned over and I recognized my grandma's handwriting. Here's what it said:

I had forgotten that. The frame is wonderful, "antiqued" in the popular 1970s style.

This frame is staying, along with Grandma's note. Is this not the best example ever of the importance of labeling your work - whether it is a treasured frame or a quilt? She's been gone for years but I know she would be delighted that her reminder worked.

Thelma Iris Tunison Poore, 1941
Thanks, Grandma. I miss you.