Monday, October 22, 2012

Be sure to VOTE!

My friend Barbara Brackman some created political fabric. She took a photo of one of the candidates and dropped it into some historic fabric, courtesy of her Photoshop skills.

She gave me a sample and I of course started adding little scraps of fabric all around the main character. I added a calming inner border, then finished with a border of more scraps. I've long admired the Pearlies and thought a message with shell buttons would add just the right message in a rather subtle way.

We are lucky - we CAN vote freely in the coming election. So no matter what, be sure to

My little quilt measures 24" x 27". Check out the link to Barbara's blog above - her fabric is available for all...


  1. Thanks...from your lips to God's ear. Get out and VOTE!!! Lovely quilt!

  2. Great little piece and love your use of buttons. I mailed in my ballot yesterday. Felt great!

  3. Oh those pretty buttons! Love this quilt.
    Yes... VOTE!!!

  4. Yay! I'm early voting also...this is going to be close, and we really need to keep everyone motivated. Thanks for the reminder.