Sunday, January 26, 2014

A day out before the cold returns

We had to get out of the house today, since the weather was warm and a cold front is on the way tonight that will keep us inside more for the next few days. We decided to scout antique shops in Topeka. I found a quilt I loved but - ahem - I do not NEED any more quilts. I decided to snap a few pictures, thinking I really truly would like to MAKE a quilt like this with my beloved scraps. I didn't unfold it all the way ...

This is just a portion of it - what a mishmash of scraps it was! There was lots of color, fearless use of blacks and whites. The scraps were squared off and fit together every which way.

The conglomeration of scraps were bordered with a fairly wide strip of blue. And the binding was nice too - it was extra wide. What you can't see is how very light and soft the quilt was. The backing fabric was soft and very pretty. There was no batting. I really didn't notice the quilting ...

Here's a detail shot but that doesn't show much quilting. Maybe i'll have to go back and take another look ...Aren't the fabrics great!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kate's New Shirt

I always hope my daughters will show some interest in sewing. Which is probably a silly hope, as both have plenty of other things they like to do ...

So you can imagine my delight when daughter Kate brought home a sewing project over the holidays. Let's make this shirt, she exclaimed, with printouts from a website in hand. We took a regular t-shirt, cut a v-neck shape, and added the scarf-like fabric and buttons.

It took a little head-scratching, but we figured it out. and we liked the result very much! and best of all, Kate got her materials at a thrift shop.

Credit and thanks go to the very cool website Be sure to check it out - just today, it showed a very simple way to make a huge men's shirt look more flattering (something I could really use) ...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Coaster #10

This last coaster surprised me. I found the center pieces already sewn together in the scrap box and took it from there. There's lots of pattern but the calming striped piece in the middle helps it all hang together. I like how it is dark and bold - coffee won't show on this one! The back is a scrap of khaki from my Dad's trousers - this one is going to him. The rest are going to my stitch group buddies. I always resolve to keep a few of these made ahead, they are fun little presents ...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Coaster #9

I bought some modern fabric at an antique shop - there's a small scrap of it at the top right. That's the back for this one. I wanted to try the big flower. I think it all worked but I'd like to see this design with something else at the bottom, there could be something I would like more there, I think. The nice thing about coasters is that you are making them to be used - a cup will block that out eventually! I really like the strip of circles along the left side.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Coaster #8

It's so cold here today they are telling us to be careful when we go outside! Seems like a good day to stay in and sew. Here are more leftovers from my black/white/red quilt. The circles on the right are pretty bold, but the brave little piece of black seems to balance it on the other side. I think the little strips on the edges help contain the design. Don't be afraid to use very small pieces - sometimes a very small piece works great in a design.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Coaster #7

Oops - I missed a day. But the wonders of this coaster will make up for it, I hope. I really like the way these patterns work together. We have (left to right): the awesome modern print from a 50s dress, shirting, the wonderful orange slub piece atop a wildly patterned scrap, a wild Marcia Derse strip, and just a sliver of chambray to finish it up. The back is black patterned silk.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Coaster #6

The back of this coaster is purple - I threw a lot together to see how I liked it. I really like looking at the mix of scales in this one. I also think it's one that could be good to look at from many different sides. The tiniest piece is a bit of silk.

A good question has been asked - is there batting in these? The answer is no. Because they are coasters, they dry out much faster without batting. And they lie nice and flat without it too.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Coaster #5 - Happy New Year!

This coaster is close to being tasteful. I think the beautiful flower in the center set that tone. You'll see I set that into an oddly paired strip - a floral sewn to a wonderful old flannel shirt. Sometimes it's just fun to take one sewn together strip and just slash it to see what you can insert. I love the fabric on both sides. The back of this coaster is a red Marcia Derse piece. I try to use backs that I'd like to see just as much as the front.