Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kate's New Shirt

I always hope my daughters will show some interest in sewing. Which is probably a silly hope, as both have plenty of other things they like to do ...

So you can imagine my delight when daughter Kate brought home a sewing project over the holidays. Let's make this shirt, she exclaimed, with printouts from a website in hand. We took a regular t-shirt, cut a v-neck shape, and added the scarf-like fabric and buttons.

It took a little head-scratching, but we figured it out. and we liked the result very much! and best of all, Kate got her materials at a thrift shop.

Credit and thanks go to the very cool website Be sure to check it out - just today, it showed a very simple way to make a huge men's shirt look more flattering (something I could really use) ...


  1. She is adorable, and looks so happy with her mother-daughter creation. Great website! I can use the big shirt idea too.

  2. Kate looks beautiful! What a great idea! Thanks for the link. I could use some ideas right now.