Sunday, January 26, 2014

A day out before the cold returns

We had to get out of the house today, since the weather was warm and a cold front is on the way tonight that will keep us inside more for the next few days. We decided to scout antique shops in Topeka. I found a quilt I loved but - ahem - I do not NEED any more quilts. I decided to snap a few pictures, thinking I really truly would like to MAKE a quilt like this with my beloved scraps. I didn't unfold it all the way ...

This is just a portion of it - what a mishmash of scraps it was! There was lots of color, fearless use of blacks and whites. The scraps were squared off and fit together every which way.

The conglomeration of scraps were bordered with a fairly wide strip of blue. And the binding was nice too - it was extra wide. What you can't see is how very light and soft the quilt was. The backing fabric was soft and very pretty. There was no batting. I really didn't notice the quilting ...

Here's a detail shot but that doesn't show much quilting. Maybe i'll have to go back and take another look ...Aren't the fabrics great!


  1. Yes, great fabrics! Do you know when they were made?

  2. Oh! Just fabulous. Maybe you need to go back and bring that quilt home!

  3. I just hate that I also, do not need any more quilts. I just hate to leave them behind.

  4. don't need more quilts? heresy! agree with Nifty, go get it!

  5. Oh so pretty! I don't need more quilts but for some reason, I can't stop making them!
    Did you go back?