Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Wonder of Blogging

I've been totally seduced by blogging. I think it's accurate to say it has changed my life.

I've found it to be the diary I have never been good at keeping on paper. This blog has meant a lot to me since I started it 8 years ago. It's been my own record of projects and collecting over those years. It's been such a wonderful way to connect with so many of you that feel like I do about quilts. My kindred spirits! I am so happy to know you.

These days I turn more of my energies to personal blogging. Several of these are pretty private:

  • I keep a blog about our home, recording events, things we have seen (sunsets, bee swarms), a record of when flowers bloom ...

  • I keep a blog of my time with my parents and the amazing things I learn as they cope with decline.

  • I also keep a scrapbook type blog - pictures mostly - of my new hobby, mosaic.

So if entries in this blog seem a bit infrequent, that is why. I suspect I will be back to this blog when some of those current interests wane.