Friday, May 20, 2011

Dress Remnant Medallion

Here's another quilt I found in deep Missouri last month.

I kept thinking of leaving it behind, as it is all silky dress weight fabrics. But they were all in great shape. And it is just the scrappy style quilt I adore.

Upon closer examination, it seems clear these were some kind of fabric samples. There are same-size pieces in many colorways (as in the detail shot right).

The quilt is tied and it is big - 77" x 104". It is backed with muslin - the front is turned to the back to bind the quilt.


  1. Wow! You made my day today! I am glad you did not leave this quilt behind.

  2. I can't believe you thought of leaving this one behind. It is a treasure!

  3. I've seen several "salesman sample" quilts in my area...everything from cottons to wools to necktie fabrics. They are fun!