Monday, July 11, 2011

Garage Sale #1 Report

Having your own garage sale is a lot of work. But on this Monday after sale #1, I can report it was worth it. What you need to do (and what I have NOT been doing for years), is look at your stuff in this light - do I want to move it? That helps me. Things with limited sentiment that I have not used for a while went on to new uses.

The people who came by were so nice! And they seemed quite happy to carry away our stuff, we loved them. Guitars, a treadle sewing machine, a canoe, my entire collection of Quilters Newsletter Magazine - they are gone.
We enjoyed visiting with people who stopped by. A little girl arrived in mid-morning and I declared she had on the best outfit of the day - a pink sundress and PINK boots! Turns out she/shy Celia and her mom Theresa were people I'd been on the lookout for. Gillian, who reads my blog, emailed them from Sydney, AUSTRALIA about the sale (after she read it here).

Here's my textile tip from the sale. Take a yard sign left behind by a politician or a contractor and make a fabric envelope to slip over it. I like to put signs at each end of our block to point the way to the SALE. This did the trick AND we can use them in upcoming sales too. I stitched the letters and arrows in place so we can use them for a while....

Looking ahead: we plan to have a TEXTILES garage sale in September when it is cooler. We'll have quilts, fabric, more books from the bookshelf, ephemera..... now you know what I will be doing the rest of the summer!


  1. It does feel good to lighten the load, doesn't it. I've been working on that for two years, but for some reason, it seems things multiply in the night when I'm not looking. Wish I could have been there for the treadle sewing machine!

  2. I like the signage idea...however, as I mentioned in my blog..."as God as my witness, I will never have another garage sale!!"

    Deb from

  3. That's my neighbor Terry and Ruby, or maybe it is Celia, in the photo!