Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prepare for 11-11-11

LeeAnn has prodded me out of my move/sort/move/sort mode. Thank goodness.

Yesterday I dug out the corduroy pieces I've been saving. It's time to put them together for the upcoming Corduroy Appreciation Day on 11-11-11.

I've got some shirts too.

I checked my inspiration quilt.
Look at how those wails go every which way. It's a home ec teacher's nightmare.

Now THAT is something to emulate. 


  1. Yea! I'm so glad you're going to join in the celebration. Love those crazy wales!

  2. I have got my corduroys out to join the fun! Love your inspiration quilt!

  3. when they are wonky like that, they are WAILs.....

  4. If you made some marine mammal stuffed toys, you could have corduroy whales.

  5. good thing I was never in home ec. I love those waily wales! your inspiration quilt is marvelous. LeeAnn has prompted me to get some corduroy as well, woohoo, should be fun.