Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Jan. 15

An email from blogreaderA jolted me out of my Happy 2012 revery today.

"You know, if you have a blog, your duty is to update it regularly.  :)  I'm sure that is implied in the contract or something," she wrote.

Ahem! Well - we HAVE been busy here.

Admiring sunsets (and that they are getting later and later every day now).....

Enjoying a little downtime with the kitty.....
My life has changed. I got a Nook Tablet for Christmas. Now when I am reading a normal book, I find myself tapping on words (on the nook, you can look them up that way....).....

And tomorrow my life will change even more. I'm getting a booth at the local antique mall. Still downsizing, downsizing.....
More soon!


  1. I think the quiet time is a must! Reading a book on the nook sounds as precious as playing with the kitty!
    A booth at the antique mall? Oh it sounds like you are going to continue antiquing! I remember when I went and visited antique stores in Washington. Lots of old things would bring such happy memories, even though none of those were from India. Old is gold as they say, I think you are off to a great start!
    Happy New Year my friend!

  2. she is ready for the Oatmeal, don't you think!?

  3. Don't worry about blogreadera...

    Read books, look at sunsets, enjoy life and blog when you feel like it!

  4. wow. didn't know there was a contract! I should go post something....