Sunday, June 17, 2012

Princeton, Kansas quilters

Well! My friend Cindy sent me this photo. She found it in her dad's photo album. They suspect some of these women are relatives but they are not sure. She suspects they are some of her Aunt Lola's buddies from church in Princeton, Kansas. Princeton is in Franklin County, south of where I live.

I think the quilts are hanging on a clothesline and they are standing proudly by. Some look quite stern, don't you think? The one in the front, especially.

This would be in the 1950s, I estimate. Mainly because of their dresses and the earrings on my favorite in front. And the hairdos. And the glasses. I love the aprons. I'm curious what the woman far left is holding.

Here's something to ponder. Notice that these quilts use a lot of white. Today's modern quilters are back to doing that.....hmmmmmm. What goes around comes around?

And now for a true prize, Cindy just sent this wonderful note about the photo:

My Aunt Lola was kind of a double aunt. She was Lola Schott, my Dad's sister, and married my Mom's brother, Augie Pierce. Uncle Augie was a favorite among cousins. Her name then was Lola Pierce. She is the one who called me Cynthy.
I am kind of thinking that photo may have been taken close to Thanksgiving or even Easter, based on the vegetation. I think the lady is holding a piece of cake. I thought the lady next to her had a stained apron. Then I started working with it, and discovered it is either a quilted design itself, or great just fabric. Lola was very attached to the Princeton Ladies' Aid Society, so I suspect those women were part of her group. Lola was a very sweet and generous person.


  1. I LOVE this picture! I have one of my grandmother and her seven sisters and we always called them the 'BIG BERTHAS' because they are all hooking arms, clearly close and not a single smile on any face! And oh yes, the hair and glasses. What a FIND this picture is!

  2. I love this photo. My granny still has her hair done like the female most in the front. So much about this photo reminds me of my granny. She still curls her hair every night, still wears an apron. I have always looked at women of her generation as special and a dying breed. Both her and her friends are/were strong. I have and hope to continue to learn so much from them.

  3. Great story. It's fun to see these women with their "modern" quilts. They'll be looking at us in the same way one of these days!

  4. it's a great photo! That apron could also be embroidered. I doubt it was stained. If they had enough time to put the quilts on the line and something on the plate, they most likely would have made sure to have a good apron on.

    I found a bunch of old Quilter's Newsletter magazines from around 1980 in a used book store, and noticed they used alot of plain fabrics, which seem to be coming back into popularity.

  5. if you added up all the meals these women had cooked, it would stretch to the moon and back. They were the heartbeat of their families!

  6. Thanks for sharing! My Aunt Lola would be proud.