Sunday, July 28, 2013

Garage Sale Girl Fight!

I've written before that I enjoy going to garage sales because generally, everyone is nice. We talk, we poke around the stuff, we dig out our dollars / quarters and take their stuff home with us.

Yesterday, we witnessed our first girl fight EVER at a garage sale. Here's how it happened (please note I refer to this as a girl fight because of the behavior, which reminded me of junior high - these were two grown women):

We had been at a very nice sale for a few minutes - enough time to have already bought a few items. We were milling around to see what else there was. I was at one end of a porch when I heard two women (hereafter referred to as the box-holder and the box-wanter)  talking at the other end. It caught my attention when I heard one of them say, "NO, you cannot look at this!" The box-holder was brandishing a box filled with neatly bagged jewelry. Insults flew. We heard, "You are dressed like a slut!" "You are a country bitch!"  "What country would that be? Not this one!"

The garage sale host and I raised eyebrows. "They are fighting!" one of us murmured, staring in disbelief.

The combatants continued to mill around, hurling insults, box-holder rarely making eye contact with the box-wanter, who finally turned and left, hollering, "I hope you can't afford anything in that box!" 

Box-holder then told all assembled that they had encountered each other before and that box-wanter often demanded what someone else had in their hands - which is a no-no in garage sale world. Garage sale host looked at me and grumbled, "Well, she'd better buy everything in that box because she wouldn't share!"

Just then I noticed this lovely tin of buttons. I am sure glad they didn't want that!


  1. That sounds a bit too exciting! But the box of buttons is great

  2. Thanks for the good laugh! Gorgeous bunch of buttons you got.

  3. Lol!! Sooo funny! I'm glad they didn't come after the buttons.

  4. I am glad no one was in the office when I read your I just had to laugh out loud and shake my head in disbelief!

  5. I love garage sales too but haven't ever seen a fight. Great buttons!

  6. This was the first fight i have witnessed - which makes it blog-worthy!

  7. Whatever would you have done had one of the combatants wanted your buttons? Hang on? Give up? Fight to the death??? That's just too much stress for a garage sale!

  8. Hello,

    Seen some grumbling at thrift stores and a couple of stalkers waiting for the item to be put down or set aside by the holder, but no name callers (yet),
    Yesterday I lucked out and bought a gallon zip lock bag full of 2.5 inch squares in army green with alternate print of cheaters cloth in small print flowers. Not normally my color choice at all but the back convinced me (also the price of 25 cents for a lap size quilt).
    At least 4 different hands had a try at this ....matching green in a fine stitch/ lighter green in a beginners lopsided stitch/ white basting in toe catching stitches/ close to matching green in
    machine stitching/ and finally a beige in backstitch. Though half the top is "stitched" together, nearly every row needs un-sewing or it will fall apart in the first wash.
    This quilt has been passed around long enough....UFO's are my Achilles heel...besides, this will be my next "sitting in the car" waiting for my daughter project.
    Love reading your stories...keep in good health.
    Delia in RB