Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Niko's Quilt

As soon as I found out Niko's mom was pregnant, I wanted to make this quilt. Her mom Leslie is one of our favorite people in Lawrence (and her dad is great too). I had so much fun pulling together a pile of pink scraps out of my collection. I put them together in my favorite style (improvised) and tied it all together with strips of the very bright fabric I used for the backing. I was so excited, I would get this done on time.

And then it sat. Niko got old enough to stand on the bar at our favorite brewery and smile at her dad Torrey! 

I kept NOT getting to the quilting... but a few weeks ago I resolved to finish it. I just quilted it in a grid so it would be nice and sturdy.

Niko is a year old now, maybe old enough to enjoy examining some of the wacky fabrics in her quilt. 

Here are a few details - the final quilt measures about 38" square:
I used lots of fabrics - vintage, contemporary - even fabric printed by my friend Linda Frost.   

My initials, embroidered.


  1. cute quilt - love the initials. but hey, hope you put on more of a label than that!

  2. ha! that's more than i usually put!! Niko's name and the year are in another corner...