Thursday, September 19, 2013

1930s Improv Nine-Patch

Look at this sweet little quilt I found at our local antique mall. It's a swell design and would be very easy to make.

Here are the actual measurements - the centers measure ~2 3/4" - note that all are not exactly square.

The strips surrounding them are from 1 1/4" to  1 1/2" wide. Eight different fabrics are used in the log cabins - some blocks only use 7 different fabrics.

And then there are the 5 yellow squares. They measure roughly 7 1/2" square.

Make one! I think I will. It could be a nice gift for a little one ...


  1. I agree!! What a sweet design. Easily done as a reproduction or updated with modern fabrics! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Did you notice that these are not log cabin blocks? They are made like "Bright Hopes" (Don't you love that name?) Great fabrics and colors!

  3. I want to make this. Thanks for sharing measurements.