Saturday, June 28, 2014

A toothbrush rug to match the lamps

Wow! Where did the last month go? After market there was catching up to do, family obligations, books to finish ... and my house to tidy up. There will be a tour of our home by our local modern home club this weekend. I made this toothbrush rug for the entryway.

I started it in red/orange/greens only - then an eagle-eyed fellow stitcher said oh you are making it to match your lamps! So voila! Yellow had to be added ...


  1. Your rug looks great. Your home looks very cool. Would love to see more photos of it. I used to make toothbrush rugs. Forgotten how.

  2. Your rug is beautiful I was inspired when you made seat cushions and still haven't had chance to try my hand at toothbrush rug. My mom was just asking about that while she was here.I love the chandelier. Good luck with hosting the tour. Those will be some lucky tourist coming through your home.

  3. Those are the coolest light fixtures I have ever seen in my life. Oh. And I like the rug too. :)

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