Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gotta Go

On the farm near Lincoln, Illinois c. 1953
I am a real sucker for old photographs. My cousin sent me this recently because that is my Dad, posing with a family member. Well, that is nice but what I really enjoy are several other details in this photo.

1. The little girl was captured in the classic "gotta go" pose. You know the one, you notice kids doing that when they are playing and don't want to stop but they clearly need to stop and go to the bathroom ...

2. Notice the dog in the background with the leash extending up into space. Aha! I know from experience that leash is attached to a clothes line. Dad used to do that with a wild little pup we had when I was little.

Enjoy this week of Thanksgiving.


  1. You are such a silly girl! Happy turkey day to you. Miss seeing you.

  2. Cute. Is she you? Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. she is not me! I think she must be the daughter of the lady (wife of Dad's cousin).

    we can laugh together online, always fun!!

  4. Okay, I am laughing here..so I am not the only one with that guess :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving!