Monday, January 12, 2015

Three Toothbrush Hats

Anytime I get to make toothbrush hats, I am very happy! What, you might ask, is a toothbrush hat? It starts as a tiny round toothbrush rug. When you get it to a desired size (the top of one's head), you stop adding stitches, and voila! It becomes a hat (or a bowl for the less adventurous fashionistas).

My daughter, Betsy (right), has had a toothbrush hat for a while. She likes it because it is warm and such a fashion statement. I made one for Betsy's friend, Jen. I gave it to her at Christmas.

Jen's mom and daughters liked it! They tried the hats on for size and chose colors. Here they are - finished! I mailed them Friday.

They can always use them as bowls when they are not wearing them. I'm thinking of making a larger, shallower version of this to use as a bowl ... I want to make a few trivets too. If you already know how to make a toothbrush rug, they make up very quickly. Try it!


  1. I like them as bowls. or baskets? is that crotcheting?

  2. it is not crocheting - it's more like a blanket stitch. google toothbrush rugs and you'll see.

  3. Hello Deb, Your hats are wonderful . . . I am a hat person. I came here to see your quilting and found these amazing hats. You certainly are a girl of many talents. I'm curious about this toothbrush stitching, too. I think that I'll try You Tube, I'm a very visual learner. I love finding new quilting blogs, it seems that I learn something new from each quilter I befriend. I can certainly learn from you, your work is amazing. I love your crazy quilts; that is something else that I want to try. I started quilting around a year and a half ago . . . once you have been bit by the quilting bug there's is no turning back.
    I am your newest follower. I would love to invite you over to my blog. I am celebrating my three years of blogging birthday and having a Give-A-Way. It's not much but it is handmade:)
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)