Tuesday, June 9, 2015

$3 Fabric Bag Sale

Woe is me. I have PLENTY of fabric but still cannot resist the temptation of acquiring more, especially when I can get a bag full for $3.

All of us who love thrift shops have our favorites. One of mine is a little Catholic charity shop in Nebraska City. We were driving near there yesterday and made a stop. In the shop window was a sign "Clothing Bag for $3."

Oh dear. My resolve went right out the window and I headed for the clothing racks. At that point, it becomes pure fabric shopping for me. I look for cottons on the men's, women's and children's racks.

The sales staff encourages stuffing the bag as full as possible (mine is a bit over-full). My count reveals I have 11 new fabrics to play with. Several are men's XL shirts, which we all know yield considerable fabric. There are also 2 items I might wear a while first.

Better commence with the cutting and sewing ...


  1. Score!! Wonderful plaids, dots and stripes, plus chambrays. There's a whole quilt right there! I actually have fabric from a shirt exactly like the top one.

    1. i think you are right! There IS a whole quilt right there!

  2. Great purchase! I went into a shop in Oregon on a trip a month ago and all of their clothes were 25 cents each. I bought around ten denim skirts, all to be turned into quilts and projects:) I would like to find a rack of men's flannel work shirts like that some day. I have been wanting to make a dark flannel rag quit :)

  3. I wouldn't be able to resist either!!!

  4. Let's see, if I'm already going to Lenexa from Houston, what's another 'few' miles to Nebraska City? Thrift shops are my new favorite fabric stores.
    Well done!

  5. We share the same weakness.... ;)

  6. What fun! They closed the best thrift store in town. We always could find bags of fabric or even yards on good days. I got 2 vintage quilt tops for $4.99 each once. One of my quilting friends called when she heard it was closing and said :" it is like losing a member of the family". I am not sure about that but we really do miss it a lot.