Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's December Already!??

It does not seem possible that it is December already, although I have been making some very December-ish looking things.

I just hung a mosaic wreath by my front door. My mosaic buddy planted that seed (what about a holiday wreath?) in my head one day while we shopped and I found a nice baking tin for the base. I also found the nice already mosaic center, a little coaster. And the strings of beads seemed like something festive to add too. Mostly it is made of broken dishes along with a few tiny commercial tiles AND one old ornament from our days in Germany ...

I'm on a roll with these same colors. A recent quilt posted by Nifty inspired me so much I am trying my own version. These are 14" blocks, very exciting to put together! Thanks, Nifty! I've got 10 blocks done so far ... now to find a wild tablecloth for the border ...


  1. Yea! I love your improv log cabins in lights and red. I'm flattered that you're inspired by my quilt! Many of your quilts inspire me as well. Great mosaic wreath too. Sounds like you've got a good friend who plants those seeds to do something different.

  2. Love your wreath! Is it really heavy?

  3. I love your wreath. Great idea to add some ornaments and memories from the past in it. I love your lo cabin blocks. I started a scrappy log cabin/house top inspired by a building I see from the window of my apartment. It resembles very much like yours. Old shirts are all I have. Kavita mailed me a care package when she was home (a bundle of few scraps) I am still without rotary cutting supplies. This is going to be fun to see both our quilts evolve.

  4. I think a lot of us love Nifty's quilt. And yours is one to love, too.
    Nancy. (ndmessier @,