Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Alice's Aprons 1

Happy Spring! Our mid-century modern book club met last night - we discussed Russel and Mary Wright's Guide to Easier Living, originally published in 1950. It's a manual for the modern family - how to entertain, organize a home, clean ... I have read that this book influenced and inspired none other than Martha Stewart. You get the drift.

As we discussed housework then compared to now, the conversation got around to aprons. My friend Alice had a few she wanted to pass on so you-know-who brought them home. Me. They are dressy aprons. A few were used, a few not. I'm going to post an apron a day to show them off.

This apron got the most use and you'll see why - it is reversible, which makes it the most functional one of the bunch. Note there are 2 layers - the chiffon (with the pocket) and the cotton.

Here's the other side. It shows the use. How about that fussy-cut waistband.

The pocket is darn cute too. I love the tiny rick rack.


  1. Lovely. I wear aprons all the time but I need the top half covered as well.

  2. I think these were more for SHOW than practicality!

  3. I recently attended a tea held in our community center and you cannot imagine the aprons that were hung up. Thinking she had approximately 150 aprons hung up over the top of us on these wires that go across the room. Wish I had taken a picture!!! All old aprons she has collected.....