Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Quilt with Words

For several years, I had the pleasure of attending a quilt retreat at Point Bonita, California. It was heaven for me: a week to sew, visit with friends, hike, be fed by very good cooks - all right by the San Francisco Bay. Julie Silber stopped by one year and showed some quirky quilts. One of our favorites was what we called a quilt with words. It was made up of odd little sayings embroidered on wool. My favorite was, "Mister xxxx ran through the screen door." We were mesmerized and my stitch group decided to make our own version of it.

We recorded personal events, phrases that we overheard, favorite quotes, pictures of our pets, whatever! We stitched them for a long while ... finally, someone (CGJ I recall) gathered all of the pieces together and stitched them to a wool background. Someone else (LF) added the rickrack and it was displayed at our guild show last month. It is 53 inches wide and 60 inches long.

Blocks were contributed by Kathe Dougherty, Carol Jones, Georgann Eglinski, Barbara Brackman, LInda Frost and me.


  1. This is a really fun quilt. Thanks for sharing it. I spent a bit of time reading all the different words. I have a jeans quilt I need to decorate, and you've given me lots of new ideas!

  2. Fun! Think I'll propose it to my quilt group too.

  3. Thank you so much for kind comment on my blog. I did post your quilt and I appreciate you kindly telling my how to find the pattern. I will check it out. And I will write a post as well featuring your pattern. Thanks again for your kindness and giving me the link.

  4. Hi. I am amazed you found my post of you fabulous tie quilt.
    Thank you so much for responding so sweetly and giving me the link to the pattern and source. I'm sorry that I didn't have it originally. I have updated the post with the link.
    Thanks again.