Thursday, September 2, 2010

A naive riverboat

I'm visiting Yankton, South Dakota. They have a new antique shop, a rarity in these recession days. As I parked to go inside, I noticed this folk art painting on a corrugated tin wall near 4th and Douglas Streets downtown. I asked the shop (4th Street Antiques & Collectables) owner, Larry Gleich, if he knew anything about the painted wall. He did. Yankton celebrates Riverboat Days every August and Larry said a local high school student did that painting several summers ago. He couldn't remember the artist's name and when I asked if she was still around he said she is no longer in the country.

Do you notice what I notice in the foreground? I see a couple sitting on a quilt.

Another reminder for us to sign our work! Just in case we leave the country.....


  1. What a lovely painting.
    When I started quilting I thought that I could remember things like dates....Yes I think I will start signing my quilts:)

  2. I'm just about an hour north of Yankton, Deb, and haven't been down there in some time. I may have to check out the new shop..AND that painting! Very nice! Enjoy this cool front!