Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here's the quilt top

Here's the entire Oklahoma top, thanks to Martie. We've got lots to examine.
Obviously, this top is a mishmash of blocks and techniques. There are a few sweet little 9-patches near the upper right. The blocks below them are a variation of the Cracker block (Women's World 1931 per Barbara's Encyclopedia). One immediately notices several nice Dresden plate blocks on the left and the ubiquitous Sunbonnet Sue blocks on the right (note one Sue is surrounded by a blanket stitch, the other is only partly finished). A string of diamonds runs along the right side. there are several blocks of squares and several string pieced blocks.

Note the tiny wierd bunny in the
purple strip, and the feedsack at the top
The quilt measures 75" x 82". It's all hand pieced, mostly with string. It is thrift at it's best. Besides cotton, the quiltmaker used dress fabrics, a few lineny fabrics and a little flannel, plus a few feedsacks. Rectangular fabric samples are used too. And it was likely never used, as there is still a great deal of newspaper foundation attached to the back.

I've included a few of the quilt details I love. I'll do a separate post about the back, it reveals plenty of information about how this quilt was put together.

We'll explore the back next.

My sharp-eyed sewing buddy Kathe noticed that the plaid is perfectly matched in this patch.


  1. I am in love with this quilt! This is "sampler" at its best. So many stories there. I wish I knew every one.

  2. Deb: The few times I disturbed this top enough to look at it, I was never able to see it in its entirely as well as this photograph. I also never realized it had been pieced with string (I have beginner eyes, guess that's my excuse). I am loving your analysis and really appreciate your taking the time to do so. As Nifty Quilts said, I wish I knew the stories that hide in these blocks. It seems like a start for a good novel.