Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cat and Mice

Here's another quilt that is more striking when I hang it to photograph.

Brackman's Encyclopedia* shows this block twice with the center being a square, not strips. Names for it include Beggar's Blocks and Cat and Mice (Finley), and Spool and Bobbin (Nancy Cabot 1936). It's also called the Roman Square by Wooster. I like Cat and Mouse so we'll go by that.

The quilt is almost square, measuring 68" x 72". The blocks are not consistent sizes. Some are 12" x 13", others are 12" x 12" and some are smaller. The sashing makes it all work...

It's such a simple pattern - and so strikingly different when it is shaded differently.

This quilt is machine quilted in long straight rows. There are some ties on it too, for some reason.

The cheery backing fabric is brought to the front to bind the quilt. I'm pretty sure I got this one in a mega shop (meaning I got carried away and bought several quilts at once) in Peabody, Kansas at a dream-like antique shop that is no longer there. Dream-like meaning heaps of stuff all over the place, run by an older gentleman who blended in with it all and sold fresh eggs too....

* Did you see Barbara's post about the Encyclopedia no longer being in print with AQS? I predict that situation will not last long, how could the Bible not be in print? Check out the prices on this book on right now, it will knock your socks off! IF ONLY we had a BOX of these right now......


  1. Some of the blocks look like spiders. The others look like mazes. Very interesting quilt!

  2. I LOVE seeing your old quilts. So inspiring!

  3. Making this! Now! Getting up off couch and closing computer!

  4. What a cool look. Taking small Rail Fence blocks and making a nine patch! And the small subtle floral sashing - all blends so nicely. How is your quilt coming along, woolywoman? I had to laugh. That's what it does to me too...but you acted on it. Keep us posted!