Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am thankful for.....

This blog! It amazes me how sweet it is to be in touch with other like-minded creative folks. It is an outlet I truly appreciate. I have used it less the past few months as I went through the boring drudgery job of moving/downsizing. Who wants to hear about that?

You want to hear about a perfect name I noted in the NY Times:

 Hans Shan
(A protester at Occupy NY)
You want to see this odd little business title:

I only know one of these people....the other just wanted to be in the picture.

I am grateful for all your inspiration and for your encouragement! It is great fun to be in touch with so many of you - all over the world! Thanks for being there. I intend to be HERE much more in months to come.....


  1. fun pix. I'm assuming it means the other kind of sewer. happy thanksgiving.

  2. Thank YOU for being there, educating and entertaining us with your interesting tidbits. Hope you're settling into your new digs happily.