Saturday, February 11, 2012

Searching for Frances Fisher

Here's what we know: my friend Merikay became the owner of a bag of stitched items. She knew they came from Indiana. A set of placemats was among the items. They all have a label on them, saying they were stitched by Frances Fisher.

So of course we googled Frances Fisher Indiana.
This photo was there, showing a 1940 graduate of Rockville High School in Indiana.

That time frame could be right.
Here's another clue: a pattern piece inside:

It sure would be fun to know more about Frances. I love her style, she made each of these placemats different. They are so funky!


  1. I love her style too. Simplicity has it's own charm.

  2. Try or even some genealogy sites..... Hope you find her this will be fun to watch!! Love the colors!

  3. I have just sent an email to a relative of Frances in hopes that she can help you connect with Frances Fisher of Rockville, IN. She was born about 1921, daughter of Frank Rogers Fisher and Elsie May Winney.