Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seen at our local thrift shop

I've gotta share. This is the dumpster outside my favorite local thrift shop, our Social Service League. A hangout for local artists is right down the alley (The Percolator) and that is our Arts Center on the right side of the photo. How I would have loved to have seen the artist toss paint onto this dumpster. It made my day, the vibrant colors splashed across what is ordinarily a rather grim object.

Look at this one too - it appeared last summer. I heard a tablecloth was spray painted there - look at the loveliness left behind.....


  1. Your artists are making some nice improvements in the neighborhood!

  2. Now there's a way to brighten up ANY neighborhood! More artists ought to be given access to plain, ugly dumpsters. ;- )