Monday, July 23, 2012

Stop at Lucas, Kansas

The next time you are on I-70 heading west, stop at Lucas, Kansas.  Take exit 206 and head north 16 miles on 232N, the scenic byway.

We had to see their latest addition to eccentricity, their new public bathroom. There aren't signs leading you to it, but that is really unncessary. Lucas is not that big.

The town is renowned for the Garden of Eden, one of my favorite places to visit. When my mom was little, she would stay with her aunt and uncle and cousins in Lucas, Uncle Dick was the stationmaster for the railroad there. She remember being scared by the spooky garden sculptures and running instead of walking by it!

The new public restroom project opened on June 2. They call it Bowl Plaza. Notice the area around the door. It is a fantastic mosiac. full of familiar items: some dishes, cup handles. Just fantastic. I included one detail shot below, areas are arranged by color.

Next time you are by, don't miss it! Oh by the way, this public restroom has hours of operation! We didn't even get to use it, we were there too early in the day. But we can see some of the inside in the Salina Journal link attached. Wow, we might need to make another stop.

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