Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunflower Rug

We belong to a group that tours modern style homes. Last weekend, we toured a beautiful modern home - and look what I found in the downstairs kitchen.

It's a polyester sunflower rug in the pine-burr style we've all been admiring. That is my shadow in the lower left corner, it's in lovely shape.

The owner, Sue Givens, said she bought it in northern Iowa. There is a gift shop upstairs in the Welcome Center just before you leave the state heading north on I-35. She said 15 years ago, she found one-of-a-kind rugs in this style there. One of a kind because you can only find so much polyester fabric like this, right? Sue says it seems that local craft folk of this area are quite active with many nice things brought in on consignment.  Quilted items too!  So if you're traveling north on I-35, you really will want to plan a stop there.

The rug measures about 30" round. You'll notice the maker pinked all the polyester edges very nicely.

This shot of the rug back helps us see how it was constructed too. It seems to me that the maker used triangles of fabric, not squares like many pine-burrs we have seen.

It is a wonderful rug. Maybe someone will know the name of the person who made this a few years back ... I suspect this rug will never wear out. Thank you, Sue for letting us all admire your rug.


  1. Wow! Wow! Those pinked edges are brilliant. So is the color scheme. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really like that, would be fun to make.


  3. I think I have the instructions on this type of rug....somewhere. IIRC, you cut squares of fabric, fold on diagonal, and stitch down the center of the triange to the backing. Every new row, fold up the previous row out of the way. You can make them as dense as you want. You can work from center out, or in rows.

    I think this is how those luscious soft t-shirt rugs are made also.

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