Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our book tree

Visions of a holiday book tree have been dancing in our collective heads this year ...

Sylvie, a fellow Friend of the Library, started it. She saw a book tree, recruited several friends to help create it, and started saving books from our reject pile.

Her husband Glenn wisely devised a different way to stack the books so the tree could be transported. He was the main creator behind this tree - the rest of us helped apply some paint, hang lights, cover the base ...

The books are also cleverly arranged by title, so they make little stories, like this:

You can view this and many other beautiful holiday trees this week at the Festival of the Trees, a benefit for our community Shelter.

It's at Liberty Hall in downtown Lawrence. The trees will be auctioned tonight, but will remain on display through Thursday. 


  1. very fun. I sent links to some of my librarian friends. is it glued together?

  2. the books are screwed together. we had to stand them up and screw them together so it would not be too heavy to move!