Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jean's Pine Burr Christmas

I just visited a lovely quilt retreat south of Lawrence. It's a peaceful place called Walkabout Retreat and History Center. You can reserve it for quilt retreats. There is room to sew, room to sleep, a kitchen...Jean Ayres co directs the retreat with property owner Judy Long O'Neal.....

You might remember Jean as the owner of the spectacular pine burr quilt that got us all going in May.

Guess what Jean has made now? Yup, holiday pine burrs. This potholder sized one...

And another larger one, below. That is Jean holding it, inside the retreat. She's crazy for pine burrs..


  1. super cute! I never thought of that...might get me going again!

  2. I have two tiny pine burr things, they're oval shaped, about right for a cat bed as far as I can tell, they are so small, about 12' by 16" and they weigh a ton even so. The wreath looks great, I never think small, so perhaps I will try that sometime...Karin