Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fabulous Sherry Kent dress

Here's my favorite holiday gift, from someone who knows fabric is the best gift.

It's a vintage dress. My friend Linda said she found it at a thrift shop for very few $$.

Since my new fascination is all things Modern era, I was blown away. And so delighted to see a rip in the front, which makes it easier to cut up and repurpose.

I promise to do some research and see what I can learn about Sherry Kent dresses.
and the exact age of this beauty...Here's a close-up shot  of one of the pockets:

Parental discretion advisory, warning, warning, read only if you are immune to shock and naughty words, thanks to raising kids regularly dragging them through thrift shops:
There is a new song out about Thrift Shops! My daughters heard it first, and now I am hooked. I listen to it when I want a good chuckle. It includes lyrics like: I'll wear your grandpa's clothes!  I'm gonna pop some tags, Only got twenty dollars in my pocket...check it out on you tube.


  1. Wow! This looks like it was worn by Joan Jetson! I'm off to listen to the song now...Thanks!

  2. Yes deb the song is big here on radio! Too cool isn't it.
    Lets hope not too many others start op-shopping in Oz.

  3. Lucky girl - I couldn't have passed that up either - it's so atomic!

  4. I agree with Nifty Quilts....Joan Jetson was my first thought! I love the fabric. So when do we get to see what you do with it??? :o)

  5. love the popping tags song! my kid made me put a dollar in the swear jar, though, when he caught me watching it!

  6. What a fabulous dress, the pocket decoration is just amazing.