Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Well! Any day that I get to hear my favorite Yellow Dog Democrat (his words) sing America the Beautiful at the presidential inauguration is a happy happy day for me.

I follow politics. I have my favorites. It is good to have leaders you admire.I grew up in a family that paid attention to politics, that talked about current events around the dinner table. Imagine my delight to realize (as a grownup) that my paternal grandmother Anna Schrader Gehlbach had a similar outlook. She actually gave her youngest child the middle name FRANKLIN in 1933 in honor of a favorite leader of hers.

I was reminded of that today by a photo sent by my favorite quilt historian, it's a quilt that features states that elected FDR, courtesy of the NC Quilt Project and the Quilt Index. Thank you, BB.

And I will reveal a guilty pleasure: I regularly check this blog that features the fashions worn by Michelle Obama. Today will be a happy, busy day, keeping up with that!


  1. Sorry to have missed that Yellow Dog Democrat crooning! And thanks for the link to Mrs O! Haven't seen that blog but will definitely follow it! Oh Happy Day, indeed! :o)

  2. guess what? if you click on the words american the beautiful, you can see a video of James singing!

  3. Oh yea, James Taylor is my favorite too. Thanks for the link to Michele's wardrobe. Fun!

  4. Franklin - that would be my Dad! He turns 80 this year! Hope you all are doing well!