Friday, February 22, 2013

QuiltCon Day 1!

I'm at QuiltCon in Austin, Texas. The level of enthusiasm is HIGH. People are excited about the quilts, excited about the lectures, and excited to be part of the inaugural QuiltCon.

There are so many wonderful quilts on display, it is hard to pick only a few to show. I love this one because of the pattern and the wild diversity of fabrics included.

Here's a detail shot. This quilt was made by Lotje Meijknecht of the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild.

How about this Ron Swanson quilt by Monica Solorio-Snow of the Portland Modern Guild. It won first place in the piecing division! There are several quilts here based on pixilated images.

There are also vendors galore and fun photo booths. My friend Sammie bought so much she had to take it back to the hotel room (in the first 2 hours the show was open). If you're in the Austin area, don't miss it - the show runs through Sunday. You can buy a day pass for $10 to view the quilts and visit the vendors.


  1. That wild geese quilt is so pretty! I am happy to report that I have all but one fabric from that close up shot.
    I would be very worried about how much I would bring home. I have known friends who have mailed boxes home because their purchases didn't fit in the suitcase! LOL
    Your picture makes me smile.

  2. That flying geese quilt is great! Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy the weather, too....we have about 10 inches of snow! Love the moustachioed photo!~!

  3. The wool strippy is just perfect, a real treat to view. The flying geese are nice too...Karin

  4. Deb,
    So fun to read your impressions of QuiltCon, but I'm sad, so sad that I didn't get to see YOU, talk to you about the quilts, and connect again. Dang. Maybe when I'm back in Kansas we can do lunch...I'd love to be a lady who