Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seeking Bizarre Textiles

My collecting compadres know that antique shops took a real hit during the recent Great Recession. A drive across Missouri on Highway 36 is filled with the ghosts of antique shops past - so many are gone now.

But Macon, Missouri still has a great one, The WeatherVane. We stopped there the other day and I took away mostly photos to share with you.

Look at this wonderful little utility quilt. My cupboards are full but one of you should go buy it. I thought it was a wonderful way to use up dark plaids. And red sashing is always to be admired.

The other fascination for me was this little pillow, made of chiffon yo-yos. Chiffon, how odd is that!

I decided the next time they ask what I am looking for, I will reply Bizarre Textiles.


  1. I love those pretty chiffon yo yos. I've made some out of tulle and netting, there's photos on my blog at the moment

  2. I just love your "bizarre textiles." Thanks for showing them!

  3. Rachel! cool!! a yoyo as big as your head, that is so fun!

  4. What fun, I seldom see anything so bizarre at any place around is always nice to discover an oddity or two.