Thursday, December 5, 2013

What is Bea up to?

Many of you know Bea Oglesby, a well-known Kansas City applique artist.

I visited her today at her home in Lakeview Village in Lenexa. The first clue Bea is around: you see one of her exquisite small quilts on display (right) in the hallway when you arrive on her floor.

Then outside her door is another clue Bea is around.

And if you need any more confirmation, another B greets you inside her apartment.

Bea is busy as usual. She showed me this quilt she is giving her grandson in honor of his marriage. She made it earlier, she is just adding a label now.

At her daughters' request, she is writing up the story of all her quilts. Maybe when she is through, she will tell me how many quilts she has (all made by her). I know it is a LOT.

By the way, Bea divulged that next month she will turn 90. So Happy Early Birthday, Bea!

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