Saturday, November 30, 2013

Creative Boost

We look forward to our Bizarre Bazaar on the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year. It's a tradition that dates back several decades.

We buy some gifts. We admire the creativity and the wonderful art. Much of the art uses recycled and found materials. Rugs woven from t-shirts. Books made with old baseball cards and album covers. Signs made with cut-up license plates.

And we get lots of ideas. You know what we think: "I can make that!" But of course, there is never time to make everything you want to make ...

My favorite artist this year was Max McGraw. Max paints on broken skateboards. He's a student at South Middle School and he's been doing skateboard art for two years now. His work has a true folk art feel. This cat had to go home with us.

Remember (and if you want to contact Max, email him at


  1. Love it. That skateboards can be a medium for expression after their initial "job" is finished ranks as Rad. Ingenuity - my favorite. Reusing material -A+.

  2. fun. I love how the nose is anatomically correct except for being upside down.

  3. Wow. Just love the unique ideas that can be expressed by a 13 year old boy. Imagine. And he did. Believe. And he does.