Monday, November 18, 2013

33 pounds of fabric

Four sweaters
I did an inventory of my fabric by the pound purchases today. I am pleased to report that I was happy with what I picked (which I will admit I quickly picked and threw into the cart, no second guesses).

It was a helluva buy. I got 33 pounds of fabric. That included:

4 sweaters (for a project I have in mind)

For rugs:
red flat sheet (queen)
green square (card table size)
red round tablecloth
purple/green pillow sham
chambray duvet cover (king)
Big stuff
blue chenille bedspread (queen)
twin flat sheet

Clothing to cut up:
long sleeve shirts - 5
shirt sleeve shirts: 5
kids cotton clothes: 8
crib size flannel blanket
cotton pants
cotton skirt
ralph lauren t-shirt (could not pass up even with a hole)
cotton bags: 2
cotton dishcloths: 2
awesome linen skirt
Fabric 1 (all cotton)
cotton shorts

For possible wear:
tie-dye shawl
red bandana
knit pants (improbable but who knows)
awesome Austin t shirt (i have it on now, freshly washed)

3 woven trivets
odd vintage doll
hand dyed (rust/red/brown/orange/off-white)
10' x 12' civichrome elite muslin photographer drop cloth
More fabric (mostly cotton, some linen)

It cost:
$45.87 (plus tax)

If you are a confident fabric selector, this is a GOOD BUY!! I am fortunate to live with someone who calls this cheap entertainment. It is certainly that. The washing machine is busy here!


  1. I also call it cheap entertainment! You certainly came home with a HAUL!

  2. My goodness... Have fun with your finds! I pay way too much for everything I buy here.

  3. Deb, I'm glad you found me, perhaps thru Starlight. Love your posts.