Sunday, November 10, 2013

Austin Antiques

We are in Austin. What a place. Our girls moved here and there is much to see and do.

We stopped in an antique shop on South Congress. They call it raw materials - I noticed:

  • incredible displays, items grouped by colors.
  • great quilts - note the antique improv.
  • cool things we can do with our sewing items.

A spool shelf
Giant wool hexagons
Silky improv
Scrappy strings

Last, but far from least, are these strings of wooden spools. I collect them. But I just keep them in containers - look how great they look all strung together and hung up.

I can't wait to do that when I get home. I'll probably find I need to collect MORE.


  1. love, love, love that hexagon quilt!

  2. Oh my, the call of the wool gets louder each time I see one.

  3. Thanks for the morning show! Enjoy Austin!

  4. Oh I love those giant wool hexagons! Enjoy your visit!

  5. hope you're eating lots of excellent TexMex. I like that spool shelf - pretty cool.

  6. What lovely things you have shown us! I love those wooden spools - I collect them too. They are getting harder to find now that everything is made from horrid plastic! I have my eye on some that my mum has at her house ... but she still uses them! xCathy