Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I will confess to feeling like a kid in a candy store at quilt market. I am just bedazzled by the inventive displays - the ones by fabric companies are always amazing. I thought Moda's was a bit hokey when they were setting it up and behold! When I came upon it at market and a whale was spouting bubbles, it took my breath away. But I didn't get a decent picture of it, I'll be on the lookout for one ...

One display I could not get over was the Fairfield booth. It was truly a phantasmagoria!  I was told one woman created 4 sides (you are viewing one side) for this large square booth (probably 20 feet tall) by stitching blocks displaying different batting and foam products together. Keep an eye on their website - they said there would be more about how this display came together soon (click on the museum).

Here's a close-up shot. 

I liked this one with a ceiling of quilt tops. We all have lots of tops - we should try this at home.

Another company had quilted panels of their solid reading fabrics. Grommets for rings held it all together.

Solids are hot. It's exciting to see solids coming out in the hues that Marcia Derse designed.

I saw leaves and circles on strings in several spots - Lotta's caught my eye.

Some folks I know will be happy to see this lovely display for a new V&A Museum line.

 Last, but not least -  we were hooting when we saw this one! Many of these won awards from Quilts Inc.