Wednesday, October 23, 2013

612 Quilts

Some lucky child will get this colorful quilt made by Carol Jones.
Our guild (Kaw Valley Quilt Guild) is helping with a quilt project for children in Lawrence.

Every child admitted to our local hospital's (Lawrence Memorial Hospital) pediatric department is presented with a quilt. It's the work of Pieces for Pediatrics, a project started in 2010 by Marla Welch. She writes:

"On May 28, 2010, I delivered the first quilts to LMH--11 to be exact. With the 28 I took this week, we have delivered 612 quilts ... unbelievable to this crazy person who was going to just make a few quilts to fill some time.  Since then, they have never run out of quilts - even though it has meant some scrambling at times."

Guild members help her keep up with the project. Hospital workers anticipate a busy winter at the department, as the coming flu season is expected to be bad.

Marla was by yesterday to pick up some quilts. When she was at the hospital this week, one of the nurses said she hoped one of her own children would get sick so her child could get a quilt!

Hopefully she reconsiders. See more of Marla's work here.

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  1. That is a wonderful thing to do for the kids. I am planning on practicing this winter and working on finishing my quilts, then I will be able to whip up charity quilts without making a mess.