Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No Scraps Too Small Revisited

So! I gathered up these little scraps at a recent quilt retreat.

I tethered them with a little glue onto some postcards, then stitched over the edges so the post office wouldn't reject them.

They are scraps from a wonderful seminole piecing obsessed woman in our guild. Total leftovers, but aren't the colors just wonderful ...

The detail shot below tells the rest of the story, and reveals the intricacy of our seminole piecer friend's work:

You are reading the little ruler right - those are unfinished one-inch squares. Her scraps covered 3 postcards, here is another:

I'm off to Quilt Market in Houston later this week - I'll try to be a good reporter and show you what I marvel at there ...


  1. Great idea. Have fun in Houston! I'll look forward to your reports.

  2. Love the postcards-must come up with something like that for my little pieces that I don't want to lose track of. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Once again, inspired!! Going to do this right now!!!

  4. I save even the tiniest piece and was about to throw some away until I saw this. I'm going to give some top stitching a try. Thanks for the inspiration.