Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Saw Red

First, sorry to be slow with the market news. I  helped with a booth and I forgot how hard people work setting up and running market booths (kinda like you forget the pain of childbirth).

But I'm at it now, I'll post a few reports of what I saw at market. On my first walk through, my search was to answer this question - WHAT is the hot color or colors? And I posed it to others, who reported back.

We agreed that we all saw a very BRIGHT colored market. Wild, hot colors everywhere! And I noticed a lot of red quilts. I must disclose that I love red, so maybe that is why I gravitated to these quilts. But notice I kept seeing red ...

I noticed red and white quilts graced a few booths - like Minick and Simpson's:

Weeks and Ringle:

And as splashes of color:

So you can imagine I chuckled with I noticed this fellow:

Now that I'm home looking at these, i notice most have some blue or turquoise in them, which makes me add this quilt I liked so much by Jean and Valori Wells:

So to sum it up, we can agree it was BRIGHT!

More soon, I promise! I have lots of pictures!

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