Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meeting with Maggie

I do have one of the best jobs on the planet. For my work the other morning, I met with Maggie Bonanomi to see the projects she plans to include in her next book. We do this for every book (this one will be our 7th book together). We meet and she shows me each project, talks a little about how it works and how it fits into the theme of her book, and how we want to present it. I take a photo of it for future reference.

Well, I can't show you any of those photos but I can show you this! I am always impressed by how unafraid Maggie is to just pop a little patch onto a spot in a project that has a hole or a flaw. The rest of us would probably NOT use that fabric, but Maggie sees that as an opportunity for creativity, a little spot to pop another cool fabric.

So what about this! I noticed she did the same thing with a favorite shirt she was wearing.  Look at the bottom edge of her shirt - yes, that is a patch of green silk, covering a hole!

Maggie graciously modeled the backside of the shirt - another patch, to reinforce the front one. Way to go, Maggie! Her creative well never runs dry, be on the lookout for a new book of her exciting work this fall.


  1. You do have a wonderful job !!! Makes you look at things differently.

  2. I love the patched shirt. Why not? It is different, individual and unique. Absolutely way to go!! xCathy