Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Finished for the Quilt Show

A calm winter on the personal front and a rough winter weather-wise combined to let me complete some quilts for our annual guild quilt show. Our show will be this coming weekend. It will be at the Crown Toyota showroom at 3430 Iowa Street. Hours are Saturday 10-5 and Sunday noon-5.

I finished my black and white and red all over quilt. It was inspired by a red/white/blue postage stamp quilt I saw in California made by Mike MacNamara and friends. I loved their quilt and then it occurred to me that I could personalize my version by making it black and white and "red read all over" as we used to say about newspapers. I began my career working on newspapers and that is how I met my husband, a dashing fellow reporter. We still love newspapers and news even though neither of us is in the daily business anymore. I personalized the quilt with our names, the year (2013) and the years we've been married (31).

I started making this quilt as one big totally scrappy improv piece but it was too too much. My eye just raced all over and could not stop. I decided to break the quilt into sections - you will see that in the total quilt photo I will get this coming weekend.

In the meantime, I will entertain you with some detail shots. This quilt has been on our bed for the past month and I like it more every day. Some different section catches my eye and I really enjoy how the improvised patterns work ... I'll get a shot of the entire quilt at the show.


  1. wheeeee! looking forward to seeing the whole quilt

  2. How fun, Deb. I have seen Mac's quilts, and his (and friends) Postage Stamp is stunning. I look forward to seeing your completed quilt.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Great fabrics. Lookimg forward to the "big" pic. :)